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Mark IT

An interactive media product for brand promotions

Case Summary

A CMS interactive Media platform powered campaign management increased brand impressions of a cosmetic brand online and offline by 880%

Problem Statement

Cosmetic brand generally gets powered with an experience and utility value ecosystem. With a plethora of cosmetic brands in the market, it is important to stand out in the market. While an innovative product would eventually win on its own but it is very important to power its initial 6 months especially its Go-To- Market and its phase wise product launch. For any cosmetic brand, its imperative that its reachout could be made both relative as well as relatable


Marketing for cosmetic products should take benefits of both conditional and unconditional learning. Acquistion-Behaviour-Conversion modelling through a dynamic content platform would make easy roll out across multiple online and offline platform.A three to five click content system which could provide required value to the end user who may or may not be a buyer but definitely could be a brand advocate or a brand facilitator; would definitely ensure roll out in both relevant and relatable marketing ecosystem

Interventions Done

An interactive model was created on the scientific philosophy of Trans Theoretical Model for behaviour management for cosmetic buyers. It was powered through social media analytics of all major channels. The media was primarily build to facilitate content of all kinds.

  • The rule based architecture helps in easy categorization and segmentaton of users and create a user heat map for all the segments of user.
  • The CMS interactive media tool ensured agile marketing suggestions for both content level and channel level improvements for the running campaigns.
  • The interactive media also made use of offline content media (through QR code) to drive traffic towards their campaign communications for enhanced brand impressions.
  • The control of both online and offline media helped in creating a scalable demographics and geographics marketing solution with better Return On Investments across all channels.
  • The CMS system also activated a tiered referral plan to ensure mass acquisition of users on its interactive media

Outcomes Achieved

5 Crore
Impressions on the interactive media within a 3 months period
target achievement in the desired brand for the first three months
Brand acquired 1k+ brand fans and 100k+ unique platform users on its content platforms


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