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An audio enabled project management tool

Case Summary

A voice based work flow management software helped a logistic company improve its operational outcomes by 53%

Problem Statement

logistics company excel with the preciseness of their business operations. While precise communications and precise work flow are important for the success of a logistics company; it is important to document each and every communication while ensuring all work in progress activities are operated through an agile framework. While it sounds difficult, it needs a SOP driven tech architecture to ensure 100% quality assured methodology


We understand the importance of managing work processes both for defined and ad hoc requirements. There is always a change request, a new work or a dependency contingent that gets activated for any logistic company. As there are more than one aspect that drives operational excellence for a logistic company, creating a strong and clear pipeline of work activities while ensuring clear and documented communications is crucial for efficient and effective operations

Interventions Done

We created a voice and input based project management software that could not only convert audio to text commands but also capture activities from the converted text and create a work pipeline for all defined and undefined tasks. It also managed recurring work through a strong calendar management system. It utilized the Gantt Chart approach to identify the WIP glut in teams and ensured scalability in operations through proper utilization of capacity developed for the logistics company

Outcomes Achieved

Improved Turn Around Time
Improved business outcomes


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